Sponsorship for companies

Do you need to have an original gift with the attendees of an event?
Do you want to give a cool notebook to your employees or clients?

Contact us and request your budget from a minimum of 100 units.

We offer several options for companies and individuals to "sponsor" or "brand" our DIN A5 Notebooks and Planners. We'll make it very easy for you. Choose your favorites among all the notebooks and diaries in our catalog and tell us how you would like to personalize the gift. We have 2 ways of including your brand or logo:

- The paper sash

With 6.5 cm height, it wraps perfectly the notebook. The best option if you want to give an elegant and original touch to your gift.

Muestra Fajín para Fholio.com

- The sticker

With 6.5 cm in diameter. The most casual and economic option, because what really counts is the gift ;-)

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