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A Paper made to last

All our notebooks, journals, memos (pocket notebooks), planners or Leftybooks (Left-handed notebooks) are always made with the exact same paper. Our range of stationery products are produced with a high quality paper, that guarantees optimal writing using all types of pens and fountain pens.

We’re talking about the Coral Book White 90gsm paper. The weight and type of paper we use ensures that the ink never goes from one page to another, using any current writing tool.

 Besides being a perfect paper for writing, we guarantee you it always comes from controlled and renewable forests, counting on the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).

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The Rulings

The printed rulings we've got available on our stationery are the following ones:



The Dot Grid can be considered as a hybrid stationery grid, that combines the freedom of plain notebooks, the ease of writing from ruled notebooks and the accuracy of graph notebooks.

This type of grid can be used in notebooks preferably by designers, graphic designers, architects, illustrators, for bullet journal, lettering, scrapbooking or by any creative professional. It is especially suitable for anyone who needs to combine taking notes with drawing sketches or doing math at some point, so it is very useful as school material or office supplies.

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We’ve made this innovative Slant-Ruled paper, thinking of Left-handed minds, and thanks to it we launched the first and original Leftybooks (Left-handed notebooks). A new stationery product designed by Imborrable®.

The Left-handed paper contains a slight slant in its lined structure to enable you to write with your left hand without smudging any of your writing.

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Human beings need to organize to get shit done. We find stationery very useful to carry out this activity, but the market is full of planners and agendas that tie you permanently to a specific calendar.

Thinking about those people who need to start organizing at any time of the year (and don’t necessarily need to start on January 1st), we’ve designed a 52-week Planner completely free of dates! You’ll fill it as you need it, writing the day and month you are in.

All of our agendas contain an Annual Plan for the full year, Monthly Plans for 12 months, and Weekly Plans for the 52 weeks of a natural year. An original agenda that will fit completely to your routine.

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The Bindings


Mostly all the soft-cover notebooks from Imborrable® are made with Thread sewn-glued binding. This type of binding offers great advantages. It is very resistant, durable and guarantees the longevity of the notebook, even with a very intensive use.

Thread sewn-glued binding can appear a little rigid at first, but with normal use it will gain a lot of flexibility over time. A small and simple habit such as thumb-passing through the middle of the pages with each new sheet, will make the notebook gain flexibility very quickly.


We’re talking about the regular double-spiral notebook, but it’s technical name is Wire-O binding. The hardcover journals from Imborrable® have this type of binding, that offers many advantages when combined with an extra strong cover.

Wire-O journals can be opened up to 360 degrees without suffering any damage, and allows us to pull out the sheets very easily. In addition we´ve designed our journals with a small space at the middle of the binding, so that you can use our Elastic Bands with this type of journals.